SECURITEC: Protect your home effectively!

You never buy an alarm system for the fun of it but it becomes a necessity when you're faced with an increase in the number of local break-ins where everyone is at risk.This is why it is important to protect your home with a reliable and efficient security system with the advice of a professional. SECURITEC has been installing systems for 25 years and is certified by DAITEM, the foremost brand of alarms for individuals and professionals. SECURITEC will draw you up a free, tailored, and entirely confidential proposal thus giving you an answer that is completely adapted to your needs and your type of home. Only a true professional who comes to your home can offer the security of your home while taking account of its weak points. In fact, every home has what is known as "sensitive areas" that need optimal protection due to their easy access or their doors and windows. For greater protection, outdoor detection devices can be installed to detect the intruder even before he tries to break in. And with advanced technologies, your pets will no longer be detected either indoors or out. The days of random alarms and the fear of switching on the system because you own a pet are over! These installations, backed by a video confirmation device, mean that you can take action rapidly, with or without contact with a tele- surveillance center. And you can now use your cell phone at any given time to take control of your system and see what is going on in your home in all circumstances!


As a professional in the PROXEO network, SECURITEC offers you DAITEM because it is a certified NFA2P alarm system, the highest level of certification recognized and requested by insurance companies. And it carries a 5-year warranty thus ensuring optimum efficiency! These systems are 100% wireless. They are wrench-proof and interference-proof thanks to TwinBand technology and, as they are perfectly autonomous, they are independent of the electrical circuit. In order to ensure that your alarm system is not a chore but easy to use in daily life and that it soon becomes second nature, SECUITEC programs the control panel according to each customer's needs: away mode, night mode, outdoor mode, etc. Code systems, remote controls or badges can be used to control the access of each user, as can the mobile application. You can also connect it to the opening of your automatic gate, to your interphone or to other automated home functions (lighting, audio system, etc.). These professionals will take the time to listen to you and to advise you. So what are you waiting for?

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