Ask for an independent expertise of your insurance and credit contracts

Because sometimes you find yourself with unexpected expenses, ATS Finance (formerly Provence Financement and now branching out further in the south) can help you find a solution and assist you with the formalities. Your sole contacts, Sandrine Talbotier and Jean-François Aguado put your security and stability first to find solutions that you might never have dreamed of. We talked to these approachable and responsive specialists, universally appreciated by individuals and professionals alike...

Provence: What exactly do you do?
Sandrine Talbotier and Jean- François Aguado:For over 20 years we have been specializing in real estate financing for residents and non-residents, debt consolidations (for tenants and owners), credit insurance ... We are always busy negotiating the best interest or credit insurance rates for our clients. Our aim is to optimize the overall cost of a project, whether it be for a purchase, a construction, a buyout, a liquidity loan, or to find creditors’ insurance. Sandrine Talbotier and Jean- François Aguado: We use an independent insurance price comparison website to compare the prices of 15 different insurance companies for the same or greater guarantees and thus save our clients considerable sums of money on the cost of their credit insurance.

Did you know that with the new law on credit insurance we can ALL (individuals and professionals) save money? Notaries and real-estate professionals contact us and recommend us because they appreciate our meticulousness and responsiveness.


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