Lavender-blue culture, traditions and cosmetics!

The musée de la lavande was created in 1991 and is a natural continuation of Château du Bois, where the Lincelé family has been growing lavender since the days of Georges Lincelé. Sophie Lincelé is going to tell us more about it. A Summer in Provence: ou describe your museum as a conser- vatory for true lavender grown in Provence...

Sophie Lincelé : Absolutely, because beyond telling the history and displaying 346 related articles, our intention is to promote an authentic image of lavender, of how it’s grown, distilled, the products made from it, and particularly our natural aromatherapy cosmetics. And it goes much further than the simple difference between true lavender and hybrid lavender!Sophie Lincelé: Well, that’s the basic idea but there are so many misconceptions and preconceived ideas not to mention all the dodgy attitudes out there. Here you can find genuine true lavender, the only essential oil in the world that is protected by a PDO label, produced on our Château du Bois estate. You can also discover a complete demons- tration of the lavender life cycle, how it was grown in the past and how it is grown now, and the methods used to distill it. Every visitor can enjoy the tour in his or her mother tongue with an audioguide but can also be accom- panied by a guide and participate in the activities we arrange ...

Sophie Lincelé: This is the very essence of the museum, offering visits that are active, educational, and fun for all ages and all tastes with themed visits every day (envi- ronment, tasting, romanticism, extraordinary, tales of the bizarre with stories and legends ...), new


children, photo contests ... (program), events such as the one from 1st July to 25th August where we distill lavender using traditional methods in our Egrot still! Then there’s the lavender festival where we distill the last of the flowers in August, and also National Heritage days in September. We can also offer a superb choice of cosmetics and aromatherapy products using the essential oil from the lavender that you distill.Sophie Lincelé: It’s our core business, growing, distilling, making high- quality products for skin treatment, well-being, and beauty care, demonstrating the hundred and one uses and benefits of true lavender.

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Tél : 04 90 76 91 23 - www.musé et also on Facebook and Instagram Open 7 days every week from 9 am to 7 pm – Wheelchair accessible Guided tours – Audioguides in 10 languages - Free parking Relaxation and picnic area in the gardens around the museum.