Le Parfum Singulier, French elegance encapsulated

Below the period canopy opens an elegant and sophisticated setting in shades of blue, a veritable hymn to serenity. Le Parfum Singulier, located in the center of Salon-de-Provence, is a quite original boutique where the customer is advised by Amir (who is perfectly bilingual) with thought and enthusiasm so as to find that special fragrance that defines them. Serge Lutens, Maison Lubin, Parfum d’Empire, Profumum Roma, James Heeley, Ortigia, and Sabé Masson whose solid and liquid perfumes are both made without alcohol or solvents; these renowned perfume houses distribute their masculine and feminine luxury fragrances with finesse. Far from the diktats of major brands, “the fragrances we offer do not depend on trends or norms,” Amir points out. It is not uncommon for him to spend an hour with a customer in order to identify the fragrance that was meant for him or her.
“By using exceptional natural raw materials, these major perfume houses give free rein to their ‘noses’ to best express their creative potential.”
With Institut Esthederm, Cosmetics 27 and BioEffect, Le Parfum Singulier can satisfy every need and every desire in the line of sun products and cosmetics. It should be noted that the British house, Geo F. Trumper, founded under the reign of Queen Victoria, now counts among their number and is all that is currently trendy for men. This is the place to be this summer!


16, cours Gimon 13300 Salon de Provence Tel.: 09 86 76 60 28 - www.leparfumsingulier.fr facebook.com/leparfumsingulier13 Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 7.30 pm. Near the L’Empéri car park.